our story

Landmark Africa is a leading real estate and property development company with a real estate portfolio of over 130,000sqm of mixed-use office, leisure and residential space for multinational and domestic companies in Nigeria. Since opening our doors in 1997, Landmark has provided serviced offices, real estate development, bespoke market research, and advisory services to over 5000 organizations including a vast network of blue chip companies.

Our vision is to create a globally affiliated real estate and services network for foreign and domestic companies. The aim is to allow them operate efficiently in Africa by providing the operational platform for doing business seamlessly across the continent.

We engage in the entire life cycle of real estate development, from land acquisition to construction management, and facilities management.

Our strong development and business service capabilities are highlighted by our longstanding multinational clientele and vast portfolio of real estate developments. Landmark is an Africa focused real estate and serviced office development company with established Centres across North, East, South and West Africa.

Landmark’s value proposition is our ability to respond to our clients’ continuously growing needs as reflected in our philosophy "BUSINESS . LEISURE . LIFESTYLE"


Embarking on a new challenge at Landmark is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills and learn new ones, but also a splendid way to start your career. Download our internship profile for more details.

our mission & values


Strive for excellence in serving the commercial community, and challenge industry norms with our products and services.


Relentlessly search for and create new ways to improve the experience of short and long-term business visitors.


Be fair and honest in our dealings with colleagues, business partners and customers.


Create an environment that attracts and nurtures talent. Our jobs will be more than just work; they will be avenues for our growth.

our clients